05. Nov. 2020
The Board of Directors elected Professor of Global Health Flemming Konradsen as its new Vice-Chairman at an extraordinary meeting on 4 November.

Professor Flemming Konradsen takes over the responsibility as Vice-Chairman of the Foundation Board. Flemming Konradsen joined the Board of Directors in September 2019 and contributes with very important insights, especially in relation to the Foundation’s philanthropic activities.

The change of roles became necessary after Poul Due Jensen was appointed CEO of Grundfos on 27 October. The Grundfos Foundation’s Chairmanship hereafter consists of Jens Maaløe (Chairman) and Flemming Konradsen (Vice-Chairman). Poul Due Jensen continues serving as an ordinary member of the Board.

Professor Flemming Konradsen,

Professor Flemming Konradsen, University of Copenhagen (KU). Photo: KU Global Health