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The Foundation Secretariat takes care of day-to-day administration, project development, donations and communication.

Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensens Fond)

Tel: +45 8750 1245
Business registration number: DK 83 64 88 13

Postal address

Poul Due Jensens Vej 7
DK-8850 Bjerringbro

Visiting address

Grundfos Syd1
Birkevænget 2
DK-8850 Bjerringbro

Kim Nøhr Skibsted
Executive Director

Kim Nøhr Skibsted leads the Secretariat and drives strategic development in the Foundation. He is the Foundation’s voice towards the press and media.


Christian Toft Ramsbøl
Deputy Director

Christian Toft Ramsbøl is overall responsible for the Foundation’s philanthropic activities across three programme areas: Water, Research, and Inclusion, including developing new partnerships.


Vibeke Glerup Sanderhoff
Head of Finance and Administration

As of  1 October 2021, Vibeke is Head of Finance and Administration, responsible for the Foundation’s budgets and accounting.



Lene Munkholm
Senior Secretary

Lene is the Foundation’s anchor point for all administrative matters.

Anne Bisgaard Christensen
Communications Specialist

Anne is your go-to person for advice on project communication and PR. She runs the Foundation’s communication platforms, manages our logo, visual identity and our photo and video library and responsible for ensuring that we adhere to GDPR regulations. She is also in charge of the Annual Review and the main responsible for planning and execution of the Grundfos Prize.

Poul Toft Frederiksen
Head of programme, Research

Poul is responsible for project development and follow-up within the Foundation’s work with selected universities and STEM learning partners. The Foundation wants to build and strengthen the research environments within selected technical research disciplines and natural science and inspire children and young people to explore science and technology.


Gitte Thordahl Jespersen
Head of Programme, Inclusion

Gitte is responsible for project development and follow-up within the Foundation’s work with Inclusion and Community Engagement. The Foundation wants to strengthen inclusion of vulnerable citizens in the labour market and in society in general.


Martin Skovrup Bertelsen
Portfolio Manager

Martin refers to the Deputy Director and is responsible for managing the Foundation’s philanthropic portfolio, including data and reporting.

Mona Mølgaard
Project Assistant

Mona assists the three Heads of Programmes with data management in the Foundation’s project management system. She works 11 hours weekly.