Active ownership
Active ownership means looking out for Grundfos’ interests. We set up holistic goals and challenge the Board of the Grundfos Group. We also contribute to the Group’s development and to the world through our employee awards and scholarships.

We look out for Grundfos’ interest in three ways:

  1. We set up holistic long-term ambitions for the Grundfos Group and follow up systematically;
  2. We reward passionate and innovative Grundfos employees through awards and scholarships;
  3. We support important causes through our philanthropic activities

Day-to-day supervision and control of the associated companies of the Grundfos Foundation is carried out by the Grundfos Holding A/S Board of Directors and the Group Management.

"The Foundation wishes to inspire Grundfos employees all over the world to make a positive difference in their own and in other people’s lives. We believe this affects Grundfos positively."

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