Grundfos Prize Winners
The Grundfos Prize was created in 2001. Since 2002, a number of important researchers have received the award and the recognition that comes with it.

Since 2018, the Grundfos Prize has been given to a younger researcher with disruptive potential under the theme “The Stars of Tomorrow”. The Foundation has published the Grundfos Prize winners’ lectures since 2014.

Year Name University Theme of the year
2023 Patrick Biller AU The Stars of Tomorrow (biological and chemical engineering)
2022 Anne Ladegaard Skov DTU The Stars of Tomorrow (materials science)
2021 Mads Albertsen AAU The Stars of Tomorrow (microbiology and bioinformatics)
2020 Dorthe Bomholdt Ravnsbæk SDU The Stars of Tomorrow ( inorganic materials for energy storage)
2019 Morten Mattrup Smedskjær AAU The Stars of Tomorrow
(Oxide Glass Chemistry)
2018 Jacob Friis Sherson AU The stars of tomorrow (Quantum Physics and Citizen Science)
2017 Irini Angelidaki DTU Technologies enabling the transition to a fossil-free society
2016 Kim Guldstrand Larsen AAU Research in the field of Digitalization, Internet of Things
2015 Henrik Gordon Petersen SDU Research in production and robotics
2014 Bo Brummerstedt Iversen AU  Research in materials and surface physics, as well as nanotechnology and nanoscience
2013 Niels Peter Revsbech AU Research and development of microsensors for measuring nature’s own processes
2012 Hans-Jørgen Albrechtsen DTU Research within water quality of both groundwater and drinking water
2011 Frederik Christian Krebs DTU
Research in solar cells made from plastic for better use of sustainable renewable energy
2010 Per Halkjær Nielsen AAU Research in Environmental Biotechnology
2009 Søren Brunak DTU Research in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics
2008 Anne Strunge Meyer DTU Development of new products and processes using natural enzymes
2007 Jens K. Nørskov DTU Research in and design of new materials (nanotechnology)
2006 Flemming Besenbacher AU
Research in materials and surface physics, nanotechnology and nanoscience
2005 no winner selected    
2004 Frede Blaabjerg AAU Energy Research with a particular focus on the power electronics area
2003 Jan Rose Skaksen, CBS

Anders Sørense, CBS

Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, CBS

Ulrich Kaiser, CBS

Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen, SDU

CBS/SDU Analysis of the importance of research and education in the development of the Danish economy
 2002 Ole Sigmund DTU Research in the form and topology optimization of mechanical systems