According to the charter, Poul Due Jensen Foundation can make donations to general non-political, scientific, humanitarian, business, environmental and social causes.

SinceĀ 2016, the FoundationĀ has focused its philanthropic workwithin three strategic categories: Water, Research and Inclusion.


Besides establishing physical access to water in rural communities and refugee camps, the Foundation also funds capacity development in local communities to ensure sustainability and resilience of the water systems.


The Foundation supports selected disciplines within natural science and technical research as well as inspiring science activities for children and young people. This area also includes some employee prizes and the Grundfos Prize award.


The Foundation works to promote inclusion of vulnerable people in the labour market and in communities. We believe that having a connection to the community and the labour market is important in order to safeguard and develop social cohesion, individual well-being and creating value for society. This area also includes some prizes for Grundfos emplyees.