Annual Review
The Annual Review looks back at some of the results and learning that came out of the Foundation’s projects over the past year.

2023: Ambitious partnerships

Through strong cooperation with various partners, the efforts have become more targeted. In particular, the strategically based partnerships and alliances have been strengthened. Likewise, our desire to gather more people around mission-driven efforts has been strengthened. This applies, for example, where universities and other learning institutions explore and gain new knowledge together.

To magasiner ovenpå hinanden

The Annual Review is published in Danish and English. This year’s edition zooms in on solving the environmental problems caused by phosphorus in Denmark’s lakes. Cover photo: LStudio

2022: Polycrisis

Just as we thought the world had reached a better place in the wake of the pandemic, war broke out in Europe and brought with it a long tail of related crises like rising food prices, inflation and energy crisis. After the shocking invasion of Ukraine, Grundfos and the Foundation acted swiftly to support NGOs and organisations in and around the country in reaching out to refugees. But despite the turmoil, the year also brought new collaboration, methods and new knowledge that will create necessary and innovative solutions for humanity.

2022 Annual Review

2021: Global Citizenship

In 2021, the Foundation revised its strategy and included an overall ambition of global citizenship. The Foundation wants to take part in and influence the global agenda on water, climate and social issues and encourages the Grundfos Group companies in living the values of the founder through supporting local community projects. Finally, improved synergies between the Foundation’s philanthropic programme areas will increase our global engagement.

2020: The year of the pandemic

In a swift blow, the global COVID-19 pandemic changed our reality and created new needs and challenges which needed to be addressed quickly and in a flexible way. The pandemic showed us how vulnerable the world is, and how important responsibility, dialogue and co-operation are in maintaining stability and sustainable development in society.

In the 2020 Annual Review, you will find a number of stories to illustrate how the Foundation’s philanthropic activities sought to mitigate both local and global consequences of the pandemic.

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