Grundfos People Awards
Every year, we celebrate one of the cornerstones of Grundfos’ success: Its innovative and passionate employees. As of 2021, the Foundation sponsors 6 employee prizes.

The Foundation wishes to stimulate and reward the contribution of the Grundfos employees both at work and in their spare time. We hope to inspire employees across the globe to make a positive difference in their own and other peoples’ lives.

  • In 2021, the employee awards will be awarded in December. The application round will open in June.
"With a total of six yearly Grundfos People Awards, we aim to strengthen the Grundfos values and reinforce one-company culture by sharing and learning from all good ideas in Grundfos and by acknowledging and praising excellent role modelling performance and behaviour."

Grundfos Innovation Award

Since 2013, this award has been given to an employee or a group of employees in Grundfos who, in the course of the year, have made a particularly creative and innovative contribution within one of the following areas: technology, business development, or sustainability. More info on Insite

Grundfos Scholarship

Since 2013, up to five Grundfos employees per year have a chance to win a Scholarship for studies or learning activities that go beyond the limits of a regular employee development plan. More info on Insite

Grundfos Community Engagement Award

Since 2017, we have showcased the best local community and charity initiatives across the Grundfos Group and acknowledged the good will and dedication of the employees. More info on Insite

New awards from 2021

As of 2021, the Foundation also sponsors three new awards:

  • Grundfos Environmental Impact Award | 10,000 EUR awarded to a project or idea which significantly provides environmental impact, reduces footprint and has global potential. More info on Insite
  • Grundfos Health, Safety & Well-being Award | 10,000 EUR is awarded to an initiative that goes the extra mile to improve our Health, Safety & Well-being standards. More info on Insite
  • Grundfos Culture Ambassador Award | 10,000 EUR shared by up to 3 individual winners role modelling Grundfos values, Grundfos Key Behaviours: ​Accountability, Collaboration and Customer Centricity, or other culture specific elements. More on Insite