Grundfos Prize Event
At the 2021 Grundfos Prize Ceremony, academia and industry meet to celebrate a promising young researcher and explore Grundfos' world of technology.

On November 11, the Foundation welcomes 3-400 participants to Grundfos’ brand new event hall for the award ceremony featuring:

Inspiring keynotes by:
Entreprenør og investor Tommy Ahlers

Investor and entrepreneur, Tommy Ahlers

Professor Mads Albertsen, AAU

Professor (applied bioinformatics) at AAU, Mads Albertsen

EXPO and networking with selected Research projects and partners:

Musical entertainment by Christian Juncker

Screening of the drama-documentary INTO DUST

The prize ceremony is open for the media and the Foundation also reserves the right to use photos and video of the visitors taken at the event: Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Excursions and site visits for selected students

Grundfos Prize university excursions take place in the morning before the award ceremony. The site visits last 2 hours and are followed by an on-site networking lunch where visitors can continue the conversation with Grundfos employees before all participants gather in the Grundfos Event Hall.

Site visit options (students only):
Sustainability in Production Processes

Sustainability is one of Grundfos’ core values: Join this tour to see a selection of the environmental projects in energy and wastewater management. At the Energy Central you will see how Grundfos and Bjerringbro Heating Central exchange and store energy. You will also visit the wastewater treatment plant and the CR factory, where you can explore various energy and water projects using Grundfos Technologies.

Simulation Driven Development

On this tour, we invite you into Grundfos’ otherwise secret development department. It is a unique opportunity for gaining insights into the newest engineering methods in pump design and product development. Discover how Grundfos uses the latest methods within 3D printing, simulations and tests to develop world-class pumps. You can experience everything first-hand, and your guides are the engineers and technicians who use the methods on a daily basis.

Test and validation within Product Development

If you are interested in the quality aspects of product development, this is the tour for you. We will invite you into our test centre where you can learn about testing and validation of our new products – from the earliest concepts to the final product validation. You can experience one of Europe’s most sophisticated sound and vibration labs. Your guides will be dedicated Grundfos staff who can tell you all about their daily work and the methodologies they use.

Smart Factory

Join an exclusive visit to Grundfos’ Smart Factory (previously Factory of the Future). The initiative has successfully developed many digital tools and solutions from now 40 completed projects. This has resulted in 1300+ implementations across the global production with significant impact on savings, lead time and operation performance improvement.

Digitalisation and Digital Solutions

Experience some of the smart pumps and solutions developed for use in a digitalised world – both in our smart and connected homes and commercial buildings and industry – as well as our visions for how digitalisation could help us solve future challenges both inside on the factory floor and outside, dealing with the effects of climate change. We will also invite you to the digital powerhouse in Grundfos, where digital solutions and services are developed and tested in an exciting new collaborative environment. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to interact with various project teams who shape the digital solutions.

Homegrown Electronics

Did you know that one of the world’s most advanced electronics factories lies right under your nose in Bjerringbro? Probably not. The electronic components for our intelligent pumps are made here rather than bought from an external supplier, as Grundfos has always been a company that prioritises keeping important technological skills in-house. The tour will take you through Grundfos’ state-of-the-art production floor, where the intelligent motor controls for our energy efficient pumps are made. Grundfos is aiming for full traceability of all products, and the electronics factory is a key driver of this goal. You will have a chance to meet and discuss with both technicians, developers and production staff.

Water Technologies – Systems and Sensors

Visit a unique place where thoughts, business opportunities and ideas within water treatment merge into real solutions. On this tour, you will be able to see and touch both Water treatment technologies, Intelligent water systems, and Live test facilities. Our engaged and interdisciplinary staff members who specify, design, build, test and validate the solutions are ready to present our running projects and explain about the activities.


Previous Grundfos Prize events

The event was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19, but this year, we hope to make the event bigger and even more relevant for our guests. You can find highlights from previous years in the playlist below.