Shares in Grundfos
With 88.2 % of the shares, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation is the majority shareholder in Grundfos. The Grundfos employees own 2.2 % and the Founder's descendants own 9.6 %.

The Foundation would like Grundfos’ employees to own more of the shares in the future, so it is a great pleasure to see that Grundfos’ employee share programmes continue to be well received among the employees.

Buy-back obligation and capital resource management

The Poul Due Jensen Foundation is obliged and expected to buy back shares owned by other Grundfos shareholders if they wish to sell their shares. The funds required for these obligations and expectations are currently estimated to be DKK 5.2 billion. These funds are kept available on short notice through our investment portfolio.

The Foundation Board has approved an investment policy which supports the United Nations’ Global Compact principles. A formal agreement has been made with the Grundfos Group Treasury who will manage the portfolio on the Foundation’s behalf:

Investment policy targets     

Bonds                 Min. 70 %

Shares               Max. 30 %

Split year-end 2020                   

Bonds                 73%

Shares               27%

At the end of 2020, the Foundation owns securities of approximately DKK 5.9 billion.