We collaborate with international partners to provide access to drinking water to the world's poorest, primarily in rural communities and forgotten refugee camps.


We support research and learning initiatives, environments and individuals within technical and natural science disciplines.


We want to reduce the number of people living on passive public benefits through projects that help vulnerable people access and remain within the labour market.

How was the split between the philanthropic areas in 2020?



The Poul Due Jensen Foundation committed 195 M DKK to philanthropic projects in 2020.

46 %


In 2020, 46 % of the grants went to water projects.


33 %


In 2020, 33 % of the grants supported research and learning environments and initiatives.


21 %


The Foundation supported labour market inclusion and community engagement with 21 % of the grants in 2020.


Active ownership means looking out for Grundfos’ interests. We set up holistic goals and challenge the Board of the Grundfos Group. We also contribute to the Group’s development and to the world through our employee awards and scholarships.

2021 Grundfos Prize - open for nominations

Danish universities are again invited to nominate young researchers to the Grundfos Prize. Since 2018, it has been targeted young researchers under the theme “The Stars of Tomorrow”.

Orlando von Einsiedel's latest film highlights the global water crisis

The Grundfos Foundation partners with the Academy-award winning director as he announces his new film – INTO DUST

Water access and hygiene workshops to fight COVID-19 in Argentina

With a Poul Due Jensen Community Engagement Grant, Grundfos Argentina and Agua Segura were able to give access to safe water to 70 community centres Escobar, Pilar and Tigre (Buenos Aires) and have a direct impact on 16.229 people.

Emergency relief for Indonesia earthquake victims

The Grundfos Foundation has released 1m DKK for from its disaster relief reserve for the earthquake victims of Western Sulawesi in Indonesia.

Rapid action saves lives in Ethiopia's refugee camps

With support from the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, PlanBørnefonden was able to act quickly when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It has helped to create calm and save lives among some of the world's most vulnerable people in Ethiopia's refugee camps, where hundreds of thousands have benefited from the efforts.

Last community grants of 2020 awarded

On 16 December, the Foundation Board approved the last batch of 2020 community grants, bringing the total amount granted to 15 million DKK. The Foundation has decided to continue the grant in 2021.

Stories of change from Northern Burundi

Phase 2 of Norwegian Church Aid's work in Northern Burundi is coming towards the end in early 2021. We wanted to find out how our joint interventions contributed to improve the life conditions of the people in the region which is very much affected by years of neglect following the end of the civil war in 2003.

DKK 195 million for important purposes in 2020

At yesterday's meeting, the Foundation Board approved the final donations of 2020. The decision brings the this year's total donations to 195 million DKK (~EUR 25 million or USD 31 million). The distribution between the three donation areas landed on 65 million for research and learning, 90 million for water and sustainable development, and 40 million for inclusion and community engagement. The Foundation also decided to keep the financial framework of 200 million for donations in 2021.

One step closer to sustainability 

Water Governance Thematic Lead for Oxfam in Nepal, Anjil Adhikari and Lyndsay Stecher, an Oxfam GB Head of Partnerships, reflect on the latest developments in our joint venture to secure clean and reliable drinking water in the Terai Lowlands and rural hills in Nepal.