Grundfos Foundation Community Engagement Grant
The Grundfos Foundation grants DKK 20m annually to support employees driving projects contributing social responsibility, inclusion, and community engagement.

Community engagement, collaboration, and social responsibility are deeply rooted in the Grundfos DNA – and has been since the company’s founding in 1945 in Bjerringbro, Denmark.

The Community Engagement Grants support employees of Grundfos and Grundfos companies who work with local NGOs, institutions, authorities, and philanthropic initiatives that address critical challenges in their communities.

The Community Engagement Grants live into Grundfos’ tradition for reaching out in the local community and acting as a good neighbour. Learn more about our legacy of giving back and what it means to Grundfos employees.

In 2023-24, the Foundation has earmarked DKK 25 million for supporting local projects via the Poul Due Jensen Community Engagement Grant. The Foundation has a strong wish to see more employee involvement in the projects through active use of the new Volunteering Policy.

"In 2023, we look forward to seeing Grundfos’ new Volunteering Policy taking speed, and we hope that the Foundation’s Community Engagement Grants boost new powerful partnerships all over the world."
Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Executive Director

How to apply for a Community Engagement Grant

There are two ways to engage with the Community Engagement Grants:

  1. Employees of Grundfos and Grundfos companies can apply for funding on behalf of their local community partner. Grundfos employees can access the application through Insite (internal use only) and employees across Grundfos companies (including sub-brands such as Wuxi, DAB, or Peerless) can reach out to Jesper Richter Rasmussen, Community Grant coordinator.
  2. Local NGOs and community organisations can get in touch with their local Grundfos company to identify how you can work together. Then, an employee or Grundfos or a Grundfos company can apply for funding. Global list of Grundfos Group sales companies.

Project requirements for Community Engagement Grants

Projects and initiatives supported by a Community Engagement Grant must be in line with the Grundfos values and Code of Conduct.

As the Grundfos Foundation cannot donate directly to Grundfos companies, it is important that the activities are carried out in partnership with a local organisation. Additionally, the Grundfos Foundation must be credited in communication about the project (i.e., press releases, signposting, or in other media).

Examples of grants in action

Serbia | Summer camp in Grundfos’ Serbian hometown, Indjija, for 80 Serbian children and vulnerable young people to participate in various sports activities, excursions, visits to cafés, cinemas, theatres, and restaurants, as well as several other forms of entertaining activities.

Summer camp activities, Serbia 2022

Summer camp activities, Serbia 2022. Photo: Miroslav Petrovic

Argentina | In collaboration with Proyecto Agua Segura, brought water access and hygiene education to more than 15,000 people in Argentina.

Harvested rainwater is used to water gardens in the communities.

Argentina: Harvested rainwater is used to water gardens in the communities.

Ghana | In partnership with HOPin Academy, provided solar water pumping and electrification system to the Nanton District Health Facility through a new initiative.

Stakeholder engagement meeting, Ghana

Stakeholder engagement meeting, Ghana. Photo: HOPin Academy

Apply for funding
Employees in Grundfos companies may apply for funding on behalf of local community engagement projects.

Recent grants

Inspiring young engineers to become sustainability leaders of the future

In Turkey, Grundfos employees engage for the second time with young people through the project Responsible Engineers for Sustainability to address global challenges and bring young people’s visions and perspectives to the table in solving the world's problems.

13 new Community Engagement Grants awarded

A whopping 13 Community Engagement Grants worth together DKK 4.9 million or EUR 660,000 have been awarded by the Foundation Board. In the future, the Foundation wishes to actively support more volunteering activities by Grundfos employee through the grant programme.

World Toilet Day in Cebu

All over the world, people in informal settlements live a precarious life with poor access to water and sanitation. In the Philippines, the NGO Water & Life works with poor communities in Cebu to improve public health and minimize environmental pollution from human waste.

Handwashing keeps children in school

ACE Charity provides access to potable water and safe sanitation facilities for out-of-school children in the Kware Community in Nigeria. The students have adopted safe hygiene practices, allowing them to benefit from their education.

2.2m DKK in Community Engagement Grants is on its way

Seven new Community Engagement Grants and a special emergency funding grant were approved by the Grundfos Foundation to support community projects across Burkina Faso, Chile, China, Kenya, Spain, Togo, and Ukraine.

Driving local community impact through Community Engagement Grants

With the support of the Grundfos Foundation Community Engagement Grants, Grundfos employees are making their communities a better place by partnering with local organisations to meet real needs.

9 new Community Engagement Grants worth 4.5 million DKK awarded

The Grundfos Foundation has approved new Community Engagement Grants worth EUR 605,000 to support local projects across Denmark, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Summer camp in Serbia

Normally, Miroslav Petrovic works as a guard at the Grundfos group headquarters in Bjerringbro. Friday 8 July, he traveled to Serbia to attend a summer camp for disadvantaged children and young people.

Transforming access to water in Argentine communities

The Foundation's Community Engagement Grants bring water access and hygiene education to more than 15,000 people in Argentina.