Poul Due Jensen Community Engagement Grant
Ever since the humble beginning in 1944, Grundfos has been going an extra mile to reach out to the vulnerable groups in society.

A history of social engagement

Poul Due Jensen was born on 19 May 1912 in a poorhouse in Sahl outside Bjerringbro as the son of the administrator couple. His close contact with the most disadvantaged members of society instilled in him values such as social responsibility and humanity already in early childhood, something which is deeply rooted in Grundfos’ DNA. Find out more about the history of Grundfos’ Founder.

Grundfos’ Founder, Poul Due Jensen (right) grew up close to the most vulnerable people in society. He was the youngest son of the caretaker couple of a poorhouse in Sahl, just outside Bjerringbro, Denmark.

Community Engagement Grant

The Community Engagement Grant was created in 2020 to help Grundfos companies reach out locally. In essence, it is meant to strengthen and reinforce Grundfos’ tradition for reaching out in the local community and acting as a good neighbour, wherever in the world we operate.

Examples of actions covered by the Grant

  • Denmark/European Union | Grundfos produces protective visors for the health/care organisations that need them. The visors are donated by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation.
  • South Africa | expansion of Grundfos South Africa’s existing engagement in Bloekombos, Cape Town with WASH facilities, including access to soap and other disinfection methods.
  • China | disinfection and medical waste water treatment in Xiantao Municipal No.1 People’s Hospital and Jingmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital  to support the Hubei Province’s path towards recovering after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Find a local Grundfos company

Are you an NGO or similar organisation? Get in touch with your local Grundfos company to explore how you might work together locally.

Only Grundfos companies and employees can apply for the grant.

  • Find out more about how to apply on Insite
Apply for funding
Employees in Grundfos companies may apply for funding on behalf of local community engagement projects.

Recent grants

11 new community engagement grants awarded

The Grundfos Foundation has awarded 11 new community engagement grants for local projects in California, Colombia, Denmark, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Argentina and Tanzania.

Equitable educational response

The ACE radio school initiative was created to bridge the educational gap in Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to support from the Grundfos Foundation and Grundfos in Subsaharan Africa, the program continues to reach out to out-of-school children through a radio show aimed at nursery, primary and secondary school children.

5 new community engagement grants awarded

The Grundfos Foundation has approved five new local projects, allowing Grundfos companies to reach out in their local community.

Five new community grants approved

On 11 March, the Foundation Board approved five new Community Engagement Grants helping Grundfos companies engage in their local areas.

Last community grants of 2020 awarded

On 16 December, the Foundation Board approved the last batch of 2020 community grants, bringing the total amount granted to 15 million DKK. The Foundation has decided to continue the grant in 2021.

Developing a water quality-based COVID-19 surveillance tool for non-sewered settlements

South Africa’s Water Research Commission and the Grundfos Foundation have partnered to develop a water quality-based surveillance tool for non-sewered settlements as part of city-wide approach that will complement the wastewater surveillance programme and in turn provide support to other means of tracking disease outbreaks.

Community Grant secures drinking water in Baseco Compound, Philippines

With more than 60,000 inhabitants in a 53-hectare land area, the Baseco Compound is one of the largest and densest slums in the Philippines' capital, Manila. The congested community suffers from poor sanitation and access to safe and affordable drinking water. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to strike on businesses and other livelihood sources, families in Baseco need immediate help in alleviating their worsening condition.

Support for California Wildfire Relief Efforts

Hand in hand with Grundfos Americas, the Foundation supports the relief work being done amidst the Central California wildfires.

Water for Zhytomyr

A grant from the Grundfos Foundation will ensure drinking water for the city of Zhytomyr in Ukraine.