Communicate to inspire
The  Community Engagement Grant helps Grundfos employees across the world address critical challenges in their local communities and act as a driver of sustainable change.

Community engagement, collaboration, and social responsibility are values deeply rooted in the Grundfos DNA – and has been since the company’s founding in 1945 in Bjerringbro, Denmark. The Foundation wishes to help Grundfos’ Volunteering Policy pick up speed and boost new powerful partnerships all over the world, inspiring Grundfos colleagues and partners to take action for a more sustainable future. Communicating activities and results is important to build awareness and pride.

Communicate to inspire 

Communication activities can generate attention and pride within your team/location, in your local community, and across Grundfos. If the project/partnership runs for a long period, it may be beneficial to sit down with the partner and create a joint communications strategy for the project.

  • Highlight Impact Stories and Numbers: One of the most compelling ways to inspire others is by showcasing the tangible impact of the projects carried out by Grundfos partners and NGOs. Sharing success stories, backed by specific statistics and numbers, can help convey the real change being made in communities. It’s essential for people to see the difference being made.
  • Documentation and Testimonials: Documenting the journey of these projects is crucial. Short testimonial videos that feature community members and beneficiaries can provide authentic and relatable insights into the positive impact of clean water initiatives. These videos can be shared on social media and the website to enhance reliability and credibility.

Local community outreach

  • Involve Local Media and Decision Makers: To maximize the reach and influence of these projects, consider inviting local media and decision-makers to attend project events. Their presence can help draw attention to the initiatives and garner support from a wider audience. This collaborative approach can be a powerful tool in inspiring change. Ask your partner organisation to produce communication materials such as photos, videos, or press releases to make sure your activities are covered by local media/on social media.
    Make sure that the Foundation’s logo is used in visual materials (find it here). 
  • Celebrate project milestones. Invite local media and decision makers to attend project events to make sure the story gets attention. Invite distributors and business partners to join the events if it makes sense. 
Gift cheque

A donation can be visualized as a gift checque. This was presented to a Hungarian hospital during COVID lockdown in 2020.

Engage and inspire colleagues

  • Organise volunteering activities in connection with the project, for example mentoring or education activities for vulnerable groups, a tree planting event, a science festival, beach or river clean-up, or engage in awareness-building for international days and celebrations. The list of international days marked by Grundfos can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • Share the experience encourage colleagues to share photos and videos in the Volunteer at Grundfos Yammer community and on social media – make sure to tag the Foundation (tags here) and/or @Grundfos where appropriate. The #ProudToBeGrundfos hashtag is frequently used on social media. 
  • Submit content for Grundfos Social Share allow Grundfos employees all over the world to share your story by submitting content proposals through Don’t forget the tags above and make sure your photos or videos are cleared for sharing!  
  • Submit an article secure your story a prime spot on Grundfos Insite and on the Foundation’s website. 

Signposting on infrastructure and buildings is an easy way to ensure visibility. Photo: Generosity Global

International days and observances marked by Grundfos and/or the Foundation

Date Observance

11 February

International Day of Women and Girls in Science  


International Women’s Day

22 March 

World Water Day 

7 April 

World Health Day

22 April 

International Mother Earth Day

26 April

World Intellectual Property Day 

28 April 

World Day for Safety and Health at Work


Pride Month 

5 June

World Environment Day 

20 June

World Refugee Day


World Water Week

10 October

World Mental Health Day

15 October

Global Handwashing Day

31 Octobe

World Cities Day

19 November

World Toilet Day

Need more help or advice?  

Join the Community Engagement comms team (Team code: nwb3p7k) on Microsoft Teams to ask questions or share your successes – or get in touch with one of us:

Anne Bisgaard Christensen
Communications Specialist

Anne is your go-to person for advice on project communication and PR. She runs the Foundation’s communication platforms, manages our logo, visual identity and our photo and video library and responsible for ensuring that we adhere to GDPR regulations. She is also in charge of the Annual Review and the main responsible for planning and execution of the Grundfos Prize.

Jesper Richter Rasmussen
Community Grant Coordinator

Jesper Richter Rasmussen is the anchor point for all Community Engagement Grant applications and questions. Please get in touch with him if you have an idea for a new project.

From 2023 onswards, the Foundation only supports Community Engagement Projects making active use of Grundfos’ Volunteering Policy.