Contact – Inclusion
Want to apply for funding? Get in touch with the Community Grant Coordinator. If you need assistance with communicating on-going Foundation-funded projects, reach out to the Communications Specialist.
Jesper Richter Rasmussen
Community Grant Coordinator

Jesper Richter Rasmussen is the anchor point for all Community Engagement Grant applications and questions. Please get in touch with him if you have an idea for a new project.

Tel:+45 8751 9644

Anne Bisgaard Christensen
Communications Specialist

Anne is your go-to person for advice on project communication and PR. She runs the Foundation’s communication platforms, manages our logo, visual identity and our photo and video library and responsible for ensuring that we adhere to GDPR regulations. She is also in charge of the Annual Review and the main responsible for planning and execution of the Grundfos Prize.