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When you access our web site, cookies are stored on your computer or IT-equipment. Cookies makes it possible to adjust and improve our web site content. Here, you can read more about the use of cookies on, the purpose of cookies and which third part users that are allowed access them.

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This website contains cookies from third parties, including: Google Analytics, Twitter, Google Maps, and Vimeo.

  • We use Google Analytics to follow the visitors’ use of the web pages. To be able to recognise returning visitors, we use a cookie with a unique ID. The information is saved on Googles servers, and it will be used to make reports about the web site statistics. Read more.
  • Twitter content is also integrated in some pages. Twitter collects data on how their content is accessed. Read more
  • Google Maps we use to describe our water projects around the world. Google collects data on the location if the users and their queries etc. Read more
  • We use a Vimeo player for video content. Vimeo use cookies which we cannot turn off. By agreeing to the use of cookies on our web site, you also accept Vimeo cookies. Vimeo use cookies to see where the videos are played from. Read more

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You always have the chance to delete cookies which have been saved on your computer:

Read the relevant legal documents on the Danish Business Authority home page.