About us
The Grundfos Foundation is a Danish commercial foundation. Grundfos’ founder, Poul Due Jensen, created the Foundation on 19 May 1975.

Still today, the values and ambitions of Poul Due Jensen are alive in the values of the Grundfos Group. He secured his heritage by establishing the Grundfos Foundation (the Poul Due Jensen Foundation) as the main owner of Grundfos.

"The Foundation currently owns 87.5 % of the share capital in Grundfos Holding A/S. Grundfos' employees own 2.9 % and the remaining 9.6 % of the shares belong to the Founder's descendants."

The Foundation is managed by a board of 12 members.. The Board meets as a minimum in March, September and December, dealing with philanthropic themes as well as the active ownership of Grundfos and the Foundation’s investments.