Investment strategy
The Foundation invests in securities (e.g. bonds, shares and mutual funds) to secure a long-term return from interest and dividend payments related to the said securities, whilst maintaining an acceptable risk profile.

The Foundation supports the UN Global Compact principles. Furthermore, the Foundation wishes to direct its investments and portfolio towards increased ESG focus (Environmental-Social-Governance).

The level of risk related to the investments may not impact PDJF’s capability to maintain an active ownership of the Grundfos Group.

The Foundation may, extraordinarily, and upon approval by the Board of Directors, invest in incubator-like technology companies that may in the long run provide a commercial advantage for Grundfos. Such investments must be made upon request from or in consultation with the Grundfos Group, and the Foundation must with its investment secure intellectual property rights, patents, and technology access.

The Board of Directors of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation is the sole responsible decision-making body concerning the Foundation’s investments.