Composition of the Board
The Foundation Board of Directors has 12 members: Four descendants of Poul Due Jensen; four external members and four employee representatives.

Group photo - Foundation Board

Descendants of the founder

According to the Charter, descendants of Poul Due Jensen should always occupy four seats on the Foundation’s Board (if possible). The Founder’s children are entitled to seats on the Board for as long as they wish, but only until the age of 70. After that, these four family members may be granted a dispensation for two years at a time by a simple majority. Descendants are up for election according to a rotation principle.

Estrid Due Hesselholt Ingermarie Due Nielsen Annette Due Jensen Poul Due Jensen
CV Estrid Due Hesselholt CV Ingermarie Due Nielsen CV Annette Due Jensen CV Poul Due Jensen

External members

The Charter sets out that the Board includes 4 external members who are elected for a four-year period and may be re-elected. Individuals nominated for these seats must be highly competent in areas such as technology, finance, sales or general management. The external Board Members cannot be members of the day-to-day management of Grundfos.

Jens Maaløe Flemming Konradsen Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen Jens Moberg
CV Jens Maaløe (Chairman) CV Flemming Konradsen CV Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen CV Jens Moberg

Employee representatives

Employee representatives occupy the last 4 of the 12 seats on the Board in accordance with the Danish Act on Commercial Foundations. The employee representatives are elected among the Grundfos Group’s EU-based employees and serve for 4 years. The latest election took place in 2020.

Jens Erik Lysdahl Torben Ømark Rudi Martini
CV Melinda Briski CV Jens Erik Bjørklund Lysdahl CV Torben Ømark CV Rudi Martini

The next employee elections will be held in 2024. Grundfos employees can find more about elections on Insite (intranet).

Two of the board members and two employee representatives also serve on Grundfos’ Board of Directors. Find out more (external link).