Foundation governance
The Poul Due Jensen Foundation is one of many commercial foundations in Denmark. These foundations are governed by the Commercial Foundations Act and the Financial Statements Act.

Recommendations on Foundation Governance

As a supplement to the legislation mentioned above, the Danish Business Authority has issued a set of 16 Recommendations on Good Foundation Governance along with a number of tools to support the development of commercial foundations in line with best practice.

The Poul Due Jensen Foundation has decided to comply with 14 out of the 16 recommendations. You can find the recommendations here.

Statutory report on foundation governance
Each year, the Foundation publishes a statutory report on foundation governance covering the previous year.

Good governance gives the Foundation peace to work and fulfil our primary purposes of taking good care of Grundfos and supporting philanthropic activities. But it is not just something we have to do. We genuinely believe that good governance makes us better at what we do.

Good governance helps us ensure that our Board of Directors stays professional and independent, and that we have the right combination of skills and experience.

Strategic focus makes day-to-day decision-making and follow-up simpler. Execution will be more efficient when there is a clear ambition for the Foundation’s work.