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What happend during the year in Poul Due Jensen Foundation?


Poul Due Jensen Foundation has been implementing widespread changes and developments for some time, and the year 2017 was no exception. In addition to deploying the strategies for the philanthropic work, the Board of Directors elected a new Chairman and a new board member.

Stories from 2017


2016 was the year where the Foundation’s Board of Directors decided a new and more focused donation strategy. It was also the year, where two new external board members were replaced with the purpose to strengthen independence, reinforce skills and experience in its core business areas.



This year, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation published its first independent annual report. You can gain further insight into how we select and design our charity projects, and how we act as responsible business owners and secure good governance in the Foundation.

Sustainability is the keyword which first comes to mind, when we describe the work of Poul Due Jensen Foundation. It doesn’t matter if we talk water projects, research grants and social inclusion projects, or if it comes to the Foundation’s ownership of Grundfos.

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