Water-related donations in 2021

46 %

In 2021, 46 % of the Foundation’s donations fell within the Water category


million dkk

The Foundation donated 92m DKK to water projects in 2021

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Climate-related flooding and drought expected to cost world’s major cities $194 billion annually

C40 Cities study finds that without urgent action, millions more people around the globe will face grave risks from river flooding, along with more frequent and severe drought by 2050. C40 city mayors will collaborate to develop and deliver upon data-driven commitments to address the impacts of drought and flooding in cities globally.

New green UNHCR initiative to transform refugees’ access to clean water

A new initiative, launched today, will substantially improve the way in which clean water is provided in refugee communities: Project Flow will replace diesel-run pumps with solar-powered water pumps in six climate-vulnerable countries across Africa. This will benefit up to 800,000 refugees and host community members and drastically reduce CO2 emissions.

A game-changer in India

DKK 5.5 million are on their way to India, where the Foundation's trusted partner Sunlit Future collaborates with local NGOs to provide sustainable access to water in underprivileged tribal and rural communities. Over the years, the partnership has helped create a new standard for rural water projects.

Water is a must for girls in school

Girls’ educational opportunities are particularly affected by the global water crisis. Not only can contaminated water make them too sick to attend school, but they also typically shoulder the burden of collecting water for their families. Losing out on an education impacts their economic prospects in the future.

Continued support for World Water Week Communications Initiative

To help journalists and communicators improve their understanding of water and better their communication skills, the World Water Week Communications Initiative was initiated as a pilot programme in 2021. Based on the success of the programme, the Foundation will continue funding it the coming years.

Multi-level collaboration: the key to fast, effective COVID-19 response in Nepal

Oxfam looks back on the past year's collaborative efforts to combat the second COVID-19 wave in Nepal.

Emergency relief for Tigray and typhoon victims in the Philippines

Toward the end of 2021, the Grundfos Foundation donated DKK 500,000 for Plan International's emergency relief in Ethiopia and 40,000 EUR for the NGO Water and Life after super typhoon Rai.

2021 Global Handwashing Day

October 15 is Global Handwashing Day, dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

Honouring Perween Rahman's legacy

Set in Karachi, Pakistan, the drama documentary Into Dust follows social activist, Perween Rahman, who worked tirelessly to protect Pakistan’s poorest communities, and her older sister, Aquila Ismail, who honours her sister’s legacy by fighting for her justice.
Safe water
Our philanthropic work directly supports UN Sustainable Goal 6 (Safe water and sanitation) through providing sustainable and affordable access to safe drinking water to the world's poorest.