Water-related donations in 2019

41 %

In 2019, 41 % of the Foundation’s donations fell within the Water category


million dkk

The Foundation donated 47.9 m DKK to water projects in 2019

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Every year in March, we publish an overview of all donations

New partnership to bring clean water to the world’s refugees

PlanBørnefonden (Plan International) and the Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensen Foundation) team up with Water Mission to bring clean water to the many refugees in Ethiopia. The ambition is to create a sustainable model that can be used in refugee camps around the world.

Coronavirus Response in Nepal

Since 2017, Oxfam and the Grundfos Foundation have been working together alongside local partners in Nepal, developing new sustainable models to supply rural communities with professionalised safe water services. As Coronavirus swept across the globe, the need for such services, as well as support for the country’s health system, became even more urgent.

A helping hand to Kibera Town Centre

The Grundfos Foundation has granted USD 100,000 to the Human Needs Project, covering four months of free WASH services to 80,000 residents of the Kibera slum in Kenya's capitol, Nairobi.

UNICEF support for children in Beirut

UN and UNICEF Denmark release emergency funds targeted for children in Beirut with support from the Grundfos Foundation.

Hand hygiene training resources from Water Mission

The Foundation's US-based partner, Water Mission, has developed a number of resources to support hand hygiene promotion. The resources are available for free download and re-use.

Reducing risk of COVID-19 among refugees in Ethiopia

Access to clean water, information and sanitary products: Three key elements in PlanBørnefonden (Plan International)'s activities to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Ethiopia's refugee camps.

Support for COVID-19 prevention in Ghana and Niger

The Foundation has granted 2.4m DKK (USD 350,000) to support World Vision's Global Health Emergency Response activities in Ghana and Niger.

Protecting vulnerable communities from coronavirus

A partnership improving water access for pastoralist communities in Turkana, Kenya will now work with the most vulnerable to help protect them from the threat of coronavirus.

COVID-19 relief for refugees in Lebanon

The Grundfos Foundation supports Doctors without Borders' work to protect the many refugees in Lebanon from COVID-19.
Safe water
Our philanthropic work directly supports UN Sustainable Goal 6 (Safe water and sanitation) through providing sustainable and affordable access to safe drinking water to the world's poorest.