01. Oct. 2018
Zeze Community has about 5,100 inhabitants and is situated in Western Tanzania. In collaboration with Niels Due Jensen and Water Mission, the Foundation is providing safe water to the village.

Besides the inhabitants in Zeze, the village hosts three schools and a health clinic, which is frequented by people from the surrounding rural area. On any given day, there is a need for safe water for 5,500 persons. Before the intervention began in 2017, the village had 9 wells with hand pumps – of which only five were in use. The village also had a water tower, where the community had planned to store water from a river nearby. The water tower was never used as a pump system had never been installed.

Inauguration of Zeze Community Water System, Tanzania from Poul Due Jensen Foundation on Vimeo.

Safe and sustainable water access

The project has installed two Grundfos SQF-2 pumps in two of the existing wells. Each pump runs on solar energy from five solar PVs, delivering 290 Volts, each controlled by a CU 200 monitoring unit to alert the caretaker, in case there is a problem. The project will also install a sewer system in Zeze to avoid pollution of the water source.

The water tower has been repaired and disinfected. With the pumps installed, the water is lifted to the water tower and distributed to 12 tap stands around the village. Nobody in Zeze should have to walk more than 200 meters to get safe water.

Safe Water Committee

Water Mission Tanzania supports and monitors the work of the Water Committee in Zeze Community. The task of the committee is to collect water fees from the vilage inhabitants (except the schools and the clinic). The money will secure funding for future operation and maintenance. Water Mission will follow the Water Committee for five years in order to make sure that the system works and the water stays safe to drink.