08. Oct. 2018
Join Craig Wiliams of Water Mission on his two-day trek to Palu, where international aid organisations are trying to get in and help the tsunami victims.
In this video, Water Mission’s Emergency Response Coordinator, Craig Williams, takes us from Makassar to Palu on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, where the devastating tsunami has destroyed everything on its way.


In general, the tsunami wave moved along the the coast, but in the smaller closed bays, the water could not get out and as Palu is at the bottom of such a deep bay, the wave hit very hard and destroyed almost everything on its way. One week after the disaster, the aid organisations are still struggling to get in and help, but the need is very obvious as people have lost everything.

"Spoke with an old guy in a restaurant and he said last week my family we were 14 people. Proud and happy with so many plans. Today it is just me."

In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Dongala District, Central Sulawesi, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation has granted a 2 million DKK disaster relief donation for Water Mission to help out with emergency water supplies in the disaster-stricken area.
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