24. Sep. 2019
Flemming Konradsen has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, majority shareholder of the Grundfos Group. Flemming Konradsen, 54, is professor and head of section at Copenhagen University's department of Global Health.

Professor Flemming Konradsen, Copenhagen University. Foto: KU Global Health

Flemming Konradsen has over 25 years of experience within global health and has worked for interational reseach institutions, United Nations, NGOs and Danish universities. His research focuses on environmental factors that affect spread and control of mosquito-borne disease, such as malaria. He also has great experience within the effects of lack of safe drinking water, waste water management and the correlation between hygiene and public health.

"With Flemming Konradsen, we will add a very competent profile to the Board that will contribute to strengthening our water programmes in developing countries. His personal engagement in environmental health and global development he matches very well with our ideas and activities related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the search for ever more sustainable solutions."
Jens Maaløe, Chairman, Poul Due Jensen Foundation

Flemming Konradsen looks forward to start working: ”I’m excited to take part in teh Foundation’s work. I know Grundfos and teh Foundation for their relentless ambitions and strong values concerning sustainable solutions, energy efficiency and of course water and sanitation. I hope to contribute with knowledge and passion to strengthen and optimise the work.”

The Foundation Board of Directors normally has 12 members: Four descendants of Poul Due Jensen; four external members and four employee representatives.