13. Mar. 2024
Giving back to the world! The Grundfos Foundation looks back on its activities and results in 2023. In particular, the year had focus on building new partnerships for impact.

2023: Ambitious partnerships

Through strong cooperation with various partners, the efforts have become more targeted. In particular, the strategically based partnerships and alliances have been strengthened. An example of this is the newly established Refugee Alliance where we and our partners pioneer a program in  Turkana, Northen Kenya, where refugees and host communities get access to sustainable quality services in areas of health, water and education to become more resilient and self-reliant.

Likewise, our desire to gather more people around mission-driven efforts has been strengthened. This applies, for example, where universities and other learning institutions explore and gain new knowledge together.

A good example of this collaboration is our Sustainable Lake Stewardship project where a consortium of universities and tech providers is working to save our lakes from the deadly nutrients that wash out of Denmark’s overcultivated soil. You can dive into their interesting findings in the Research section (pages 42-45).

To magasiner ovenpå hinanden

This year’s edition zooms in on solving problems caused by phosphorus in our lakes. Cover photo: LStudio

DKK 256 million for philanthropy

Donations granted in the calendar year 2023 reached a new record with 256 million Danish crowns pledged for projects and initiatives all over the world (just over EUR 34 million).

Graph showing development of donations over time

Over the last 10 years, the Foundation’s donations have doubled several times.

In 2023, the Foundation decided to divide its donations into three
strategic categories: Water and Sustainable Development, Research and Learning and Inclusion and Community Engagement. Furthermore,
Community Engagement Grants and Awards are listed as separate categories.

Graph showing overview of grants per category.

2023 donations by category. According to its Charter, the Foundation can make donations to non-political, scientific, humanitarian, business, environmental and social causes.

Donations by geography

In 2023, the donations were mainly committed to projects with beneficiaries in Africa and Denmark. 39 per cent of the Foundation’s donations went to Africa, 8 per cent to Asia (primarily water projects) and 1 per cent to Europe. The Foundation spent 46 per cent of the donations in Denmark, mainly within Research and Learning and Inclusion and Community Engagement.

2 per cent of the Foundation’s donations went to the Americas (primarily Community Engagement Grants). 4 per cent of the Foundation’s donations were for global purposes within Water and Sustainable Development and Awards.

Graph showing donations by geography

The majority of the grants were spent in Denmark (46%) and Africa (39%).