Grundfos Scholarship vindere
8 Grundfos-medarbejdere modtog et studielegat fra Poul Due Jensens Fond i 2020. Diplomerne blev uddelt ved lokale ceremonier i selskaberne.


Navn Land Formål med legatet (motivationstekst på diplom)
David Hernando Torres Rios Colombia David dreams of contributing even more to optimizing processes and business development in Grundfos Colombia through his many touchpoints within logistics processes, merchandise entry and dispatch, pump assembly, quality inspections, inventories, etcetera.

David’s scholarship will cover tuition for five remaining semesters of the mechatronics engineering program at Corporación Tecnológica Industrial, Colombia.

Diana Alba Cardenas Colombia Diana dreams of taking becoming a key piece of human talent, contributing with knowledge, skills and strategies in the process of repositioning Grundfos Colombia as a leading company with exceptional customer service in the Colombian market.

Diana’s scholarship will cover the tuition for the Service Management Specialist Master’s Degree at Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia.

Dunny Kulabuna Sydafrika Dunny dreams of implementing digitalization effectively in Grundfos’ Sub-Saharan operations through digital supply chain management; automation of knowledge work; automation of industrial production and driving innovation, ultimately helping to realize Grundfos’ 2025 Strategy.

Dunny’s scholarship will cover tuition for a Master of Management in Digital Business at Wits Business School, South Africa.

Ezz-Eldin Mamdouh Egypten Ezz-Eldin dreams of acquiring a deeper understanding of supply, discharge, and treatment systems beyond the pumps and drive deployment of new methods for treatment and water re-use, ultimately delivering better customer service and helping to reduce water scarcity both locally and globally.

Ezz-Eldin’s scholarship will cover tuition for the Graduate Professional Diploma Programme at IHE Delft, Netherlands.

Jorge Arturo Vargas Vargas Mexico Arturo dreams of mastering Lean Six Sigma methodologies in order to help reduce water consumption and solve various problems within production, safety or quality, helping MXP become an example for all of Grundfos.

Arturo’s scholarship will cover a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (online program) at Tec de Monterrey, Mexico.

Krithika Iyer Shivakumar Indien Krithika dreams of finding new ways to conserve India’s precious groundwater resources through recycling of wastewater and utility water and explore ways to reuse it as potable water through more efficient water management, wastewater handling, and other sustainable methodologies.

Krithika’s scholarship will cover tuition and travel costs for a 4-week summer school in Renewable Energy at University of Kassel, Germany.

Natalia Yankovskaya Rusland Natalia wants to increase her knowledge and skills in the digital and analytics area to help Grundfos move forward with new digital technologies and business development making use of big data analytics.

Natalia’s scholarship will cover tuition for a Business Analytics program at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia.

Xorlali Yao-Kuma Kpodo Ghana Xorlali dreams of becoming a seasoned project manager for Grundfos in all aspects of business, first and foremost through the Grundfos Water Initiative, seeking to advance Grundfos’ long-term strategic ambitions of Winning Water.

Xorlali’s scholarship will cover the tuition for an online Project Management Professional certification program at Cambridge Centre of Excellence, Ghana.

2019 vindere af studielegater med Niels Due Jensen og fondens formand, Jens Maaløe.