10. Aug. 2021
Together with a number of partners and Grundfos SafeWater, the Grundfos Foundation hosts a series of interesting sessions at the 2021 World Water Week. The global event takes place online in late August and registration to attend sessions is free of charge.

For 30 years, SIWI has organized World Water Week. Today it is the world’s most influential movement focused on transforming global water challenges. World Water Week 2021 will be held as a full-scale digital event on 23-27 August, and besides being a main sponsor of the event itself as well as the communications accelerator programme, the Grundfos Foundation will be present, hosting 6 sessions hand in hand with project partners.

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6 sessions hosted by Grundfos Foundation & partners

The Foundation is scaling up its presence at World Water Week, aiming to bring important topics up for discussion in a global setting. Below is a list of the Foundation’s sessions, but you can find many more browsing the programme.


Recording Description
Monday 23 August, 11:00-12:00

When Water Isn’t Free: Sustainable WASH Systems in Nepal – interactive session
In Nepal’s Terai Lowlands, Oxfam and the Grundfos Foundation are exploring new approaches to building financially sustainable WASH systems. Meet the partners for a discussion of what it takes to build a successful public-private partnership and apply systems change approaches in real-world programming.

Tuesday 24 August, 10:00-11:00

Scaling Up Climate-Resilient Farming Through Solar Technology – interactive session
This panel will bring together donors, development professionals, government and business to discuss how solar-powered irrigation solutions can create climate-resilient farming using solar technology in the global south. This will include further discussions around the barriers to taking existing models to scale and how to overcome them.

Tuesday 24 August, 18:00-19:00

How film can help bring about change – panel
A look at INTO DUST, the latest film from Oscar-winning director Orlando von Einsiedel, which looks at the dangers of what can happen when our water runs out. The panel will examine how film can be a tool to raise awareness of water insecurity, good governance, sustainable practices and the power of partnership and collaboration.

Wednesday 25 August, 13:00-14:00

Refugee Communities | Water Inside and Outside the Camp – interactive session
This interactive session will share the complex relationship of water supply inside and outside refugee settlements and how national and international stakeholders are approaching these dynamics through holistic development, appropriate technology, and behaviour change strategies. Partners will share learnings from a Grundfos Foundation/Water Mission project in Western Tanzania and bring them into the context of a new partnership including Plan International in Western Ethiopia.

Thursday 26 August, 11:30-11:55

20 litres per person per day – lecture
To get the full benefit of access to clean water, a person needs around/minimum 20 liters high quality water per day. Not only for drinking and cooking purposes, but also for personal hygiene. In this TED-talk style lecture featuring Professor in Global Health Flemming Konradsen, University of Copenhagen, and Dr. Gifty Sunkwa-Mills, Municipal Director of Health, Ghana Health Service, we will connect human health, water, sanitation and hygiene, emphasizing various types of interventions with the biggest potential for impact.

Friday 27 August, 13:00-14:25

20 litres per person per day – super interactive session
20 litres is the default quantity we try to dimension community water systems for, but data from a number of projects show that consumption is significantly lower. In this session, we therefore invite community development specialists and WASH programme managers to discuss what it takes to bring sustainable WASH practices to a community.

"At World Water Week 2021, the Communication and Behaviour Change Accelerator will highlight the need for clearer and more comprehensive messages about water that create lasting change. Whether you are a blogger, influencer or researcher, a small business, communications agency, or journalist, you are invited to join. Together, we will learn how to stir the debate and foster behaviour that enables more climate-friendly action – by talking about water."

Find out more here: Why water is so hard to talk about – World Water Week blog

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