28. Nov. 2022
Awards for 3 talented Grundfos students were handed out at the 2022 Grundfos Prize Ceremony on 10 November

The Grundfos Prize Student Award is a global award celebrating and recognizing the efforts of students who are (or have been) working for Grundfos in connection with their studies. The award allows managers to nominate talented students around the world who have contributed to positive developments at Grundfos. It is announced in connection with the annual Grundfos Prize ceremony.

"This year, we had so many incredible students who contributed to our workplace in different and inspiring ways. Some found new ways to communicate on social media in order to strengthen customer relations and attract leads, others made record breaking marketing campaigns while creating a comfortable and inclusive work environment. "
Mirjam Baijens, CHRO, Grundfos

Three annual winners are selected by a Grundfos Jury, and each winner receives a diploma and a cash reward of DKK 25,000. 

Winner: Joana Musallari, Student Intern

VIA University College Horsens, Global Business Engineering 

As an intern in the GT&I – Transformation Office, Joana worked to mitigate roadblocks that employees experienced when trying to implement innovations in their daily work. She presented suggestions to eliminate obstacles and helped boost innovation within the organization. Joana has lived by the Grundfos Values, for example being “relentlessly ambitious” in her approach to investigate the obstacles for innovation.  

From Left: Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Mirjam Baijens, and Joana Musallari.

From Left: Foundation CEO Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Grundfos CHRO Mirjam Baijens, and Joana Musallari. Photo: Lars Holm

Winner: Adam Petro, Student Assistant 

Aarhus University, Computer Science 

As a Student Assistant in the Digital Development Department – AI Solutions, Adam contributed to a data-driven project  for vision analysis of wastewater pits to estimate the critical parameters of the pit, using 3D scanning and cloud point data. His work enables us to use a new approach for acquiring input information for digital solutions in wastewater applications.  Throughout his work, Adam showed eagerness to learn and took active part in knowledge-sharing sessions.  

From left: Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Adam Petro, and Mirjam Baijens, Grundfos CHRO

From left: Foundation CEO Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Adam Petro, and Grundfos CHROMirjam Baijens, Grundfos CHRO. Photo: Lars Holm

Winner: Francesca Franchini, Student Project

Aalborg University, Materials and Production

Francesca took her AME Sustainable Manufacturing project from idea to proof of concept. She managed to deliver a method which will significantly cut CO2 emissions and save oil-based materials from ending up at incinerators or landfills. The outcome of her project therefore positively impacts Grundfos’ sustainability goals in operations. The radical project could not have been done without her strong collaborative skills, bringing the AME simulation team and external partners together. 

From left: Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Francesca Franchini, Mirjam Baijens, CHRO, Grundfos

From left: Foundation CEO Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Francesca Franchini, and Grundfos CHRO Mirjam Baijens. Photo: Lars Holm

The Grundfos Prize Student Award was awarded for the first time in 2021 and only covered students working in Denmark. In 2022, all students globally could be nominated.

"Students exceeded our expectations by coming up with innovative solutions, which has resulted in optimized cooling of motors and fewer configurations, the ability to track security issues and reduce risk in our digital offerings, minimized resource consumption in 3D printing and ironing operations, an efficiency increase in chilled water systems, and a higher awareness of climate change and environmental protection. "
Mirjam Baijens, CHRO, Grundfos