14. Mar. 2022
At its annual meeting on 14 March, the Board of Directors elected Helena Due Langvad to fill the empty seat after Estrid Due Hesselholt who has decided to step down. Helena is the first of the founder's great-grand-children to serve on the Board of Directors of the foundation created by Poul Due Jensen in 1975 to safeguard his life's work, Grundfos.

After 46 years of service, Estrid Due Hesselholt has decided to step down from the Board of Directors. The descendants of the founder have appointed Helena Due Langvad to take over the seat after her grandfather’s sister. Helena Due Langvad (27) is daughter to Annette Due Jensen and niece to Grundfos’ CEO, Poul Due Jensen.

"I am proud and honoured that I, as the founder's great-granddaughter, can contribute to the work of the Foundation and help realise my great-grandfather's aspirations for Grundfos. Looking after Grundfos' values and development has always been, and will always be, part of my DNA."
Helena Due Langvad

According to the charter, the Board of Directors consists of four Poul Due Jensen descendants, four externally elected members and four employee representatives from Grundfos.

Portræt af Helena Due Langvad

Helena Due Langvad was elected on 14 March, 2022. Photo: Montgomery Foto