We collaborate with international partners to provide access to drinking water to the world's poorest, primarily in rural communities and forgotten refugee camps.


We support research and learning initiatives, environments and individuals within technical and natural science disciplines.


In Denmark, we work to include vulnerable people in jobs and associations. Globally, we help Grundfos companies and employees reach out to local communities all over the world.

How was the split between the philanthropic areas in 2021?



The Poul Due Jensen Foundation committed 200 mDKK to philanthropic projects in 2021.

46 %


In 2021, 46 % of the grants went to water projects.

34 %


In 2021, 34 % of the grants supported research and learning environments and initiatives.

12 %


The Foundation supported labour market inclusion and community engagement with 12 % of the grants in 2021.

We own Grundfos
As majority shareholder, we are looking out for Grundfos’ interests. We set up holistic goals and challenge the Board of the Grundfos Group. We also contribute to the Group’s development and to the world through our employee awards and scholarships.

Grundfos Foundation invests in Aarhus GeoInstruments

The Grundfos Foundation acquires 24.9 per cent of the shares in Danish tech startup Aarhus GeoInstruments, a spin-out from Aarhus University's HydroGeophysics Group.

2022 Grundfos Prize Student Awards

Awards for 3 talented Grundfos students were handed out at the 2022 Grundfos Prize Ceremony on 10 November

Winter support for Pakistan's flood victims

The Grundfos Foundation has granted Oxfam 1.000.000 DKK to help fund essential winter kits, including items such as baskets, shawls, caps and mats to help people prepare for further challenging conditions that winter will bring.

World Toilet Day in Cebu

All over the world, people in informal settlements live a precarious life with poor access to water and sanitation. In the Philippines, the NGO Water & Life works with poor communities in Cebu to improve public health and minimize environmental pollution from human waste.

Polymer Professor wins 2022 Grundfos Prize

The 2022 Grundfos Prize is awarded to Anne Ladegaard Skov for her research in silicone-based elastomers, used in artificial muscles and controlled medicine release.

Handwashing keeps children in school

ACE Charity provides access to potable water and safe sanitation facilities for out-of-school children in the Kware Community in Nigeria. The students have adopted safe hygiene practices, allowing them to benefit from their education.

Meet the World Water Camp participants

The first ever physical World Water Camp has just been completed in connection with the global event “IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition 2022” in September in Copenhagen. World Water Camp is an intensive “conference within a conference” opportunity provided by VIA University College for college-aged students from around the globe.

2.2m DKK in Community Engagement Grants is on its way

Seven new Community Engagement Grants and a special emergency funding grant were approved by the Grundfos Foundation to support community projects across Burkina Faso, Chile, China, Kenya, Spain, Togo, and Ukraine.

Accelerating better water management

C40 Cities launches Phase Two of the Water Safe Cities project to accelerate better water management following the successful delivery of Phase One of C40’s Water Safe Cities project, which found that climate-related flooding and drought expected to impact millions of people and cost world’s major cities $194 billion annually