03. Oct. 2019
15 employees from all over the world were celebrated at the Poul Due Jensen Academy this Thursday as they formally received the Poul Due Jensen Foundation's employee awards; the Social Responsibility Award, Scholarship and Innovation Award.

3. oktober 2019. Grundfosprisen 2019 , PDJA , Grundfos. 15 employees were the lucky winners of 11 employee awards. Photo: Lars Holm

Social Responsibility Award to Grundfos India

The 2019 Poul Due Jensen Social Responsibility Award goes to Grundfos India for their efforts to help young people from marginalised groups in both rural and urban areas acquire much-needed vocational skills, helping the Indian society to cope with demographic and environmental challenges.

Every year, Grundfos India helps 200 young people break out of poverty or crime and access a more prosperous future with a certified diploma and the life skills to either run their own start-up company or work with service providers. Through two project partnerships, school dropouts are trained to become skilled plumbers, and Grundfos India also helps some of the students find apprenticeships through its network of installers.

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Students visit the workshop at Grundfos India.

7 winners of Poul Due Jensen Scholarship

The Foundation awards no less than seven scholarships in 2019.

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3 very different Innovation Award Finalists

Innovation is everywhere! The finalists this year represent three different apporaches to innovation: Sustainability, Business Development and Technology Development.

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