We collaborate with international partners to provide access to drinking water to the world's poorest, primarily in rural communities and forgotten refugee camps.


We support research and learning initiatives, environments and individuals within technical and natural science disciplines.


We want to reduce the number of people living on passive public benefits through projects that help vulnerable people access and remain within the labour market.

How was the split between the philanthropic areas in 2020?



The Poul Due Jensen Foundation committed 195 M DKK to philanthropic projects in 2020.

46 %


In 2020, 46 % of the grants went to water projects.

33 %


In 2020, 33 % of the grants supported research and learning environments and initiatives.

21 %


The Foundation supported labour market inclusion and community engagement with 21 % of the grants in 2020.

We own Grundfos
As majority shareholder, we are looking out for Grundfos’ interests. We set up holistic goals and challenge the Board of the Grundfos Group. We also contribute to the Group’s development and to the world through our employee awards and scholarships.

Continued support for World Water Week Communications Initiative

To help journalists and communicators improve their understanding of water and better their communication skills, the World Water Week Communications Initiative was initiated as a pilot programme in 2021. Based on the success of the programme, the Foundation will continue funding it the coming years.

INTO DUST premiers on Real Stories

Through Real Stories, the film is now available to millions around the world to increase awareness around the global water crisis.

Multi-level collaboration: the key to fast, effective COVID-19 response in Nepal

Oxfam looks back on the past year's collaborative efforts to combat the second COVID-19 wave in Nepal.

Emergency relief for Tigray and typhoon victims in the Philippines

Toward the end of 2021, the Grundfos Foundation donated DKK 500,000 for Plan International's emergency relief in Ethiopia and 40,000 EUR for the NGO Water and Life after super typhoon Rai.

Last Community Grants of 2021 awarded

This year's last Community Engagement Grants were awarded at the board meeting on 10 December. 8 local Grundfos projects received funding at a combined worth of 3.5 m DKK. The Foundation is particularly happy to see more engagement by Grundfos employees in the projects.

INTO DUST now available for free streaming on WaterBear

The Grundfos Foundation sponsored film will be available in 194 countries for free viewing on the WaterBear platform.

We're looking for interns

We are searching for two interns to join us from February 2022 - one Strategy Intern and one Communication Intern - to help the Foundation fight Climate, Water, and Social injustice on a global scale. 

Abomosu cares about toilets

Life without a toilet is dirty, dangerous and undignified, something that the citizens of Abomosu can relate to. The sanitation in the community deteriorated because their public toilet had broken down. Luckily, the community now has access to improved toilet facilities.

Awards for talented Grundfos students

At the Grundfos Prize ceremony on 11 November, three talented Grundfos students were rewarded for their contributions to Grundfos: Søren Thalund, Bartosz Kurkiewicz, and Jakob Vester Nielsen each receive DKK 25,000.