We collaborate with international partners to provide access to drinking water to the world's poorest, primarily in rural communities and forgotten refugee camps.


We support research and learning initiatives, environments and individuals within technical and natural science disciplines.


We want to reduce the number of people living on passive public benefits through projects that help vulnerable people access and remain within the labour market.

How was the split between the philanthropic areas in 2020?



The Poul Due Jensen Foundation committed 195 M DKK to philanthropic projects in 2020.

46 %


In 2020, 46 % of the grants went to water projects.

33 %


In 2020, 33 % of the grants supported research and learning environments and initiatives.

21 %


The Foundation supported labour market inclusion and community engagement with 21 % of the grants in 2020.

We own Grundfos
As majority shareholder, we are looking out for Grundfos’ interests. We set up holistic goals and challenge the Board of the Grundfos Group. We also contribute to the Group’s development and to the world through our employee awards and scholarships.

2021 Global Handwashing Day

October 15 is Global Handwashing Day, dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

11 new community engagement grants awarded

The Grundfos Foundation has awarded 11 new community engagement grants for local projects in California, Colombia, Denmark, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Argentina and Tanzania.

tTEM research paper published

Results from tTEM surveys conducted in two refugee camps and several host communities in western Tanzania demonstrate the capability of the method to characterize shallow aquifer systems with high lateral and vertical resolution, with data collection typically exceeding 15 to 20 line-kilometers (km) per day.

Honouring Perween Rahman's legacy

Set in Karachi, Pakistan, the drama documentary Into Dust follows social activist, Perween Rahman, who worked tirelessly to protect Pakistan’s poorest communities, and her older sister, Aquila Ismail, who honours her sister’s legacy by fighting for her justice.

USD 157,000 for disaster relief in Haiti

The Grundfos Foundation has released a grant from its disaster response reserve to support Water Mission's disaster relief efforts in Haiti.

INTO DUST highlights the global water crisis

The Grundfos Foundation is proud to present INTO DUST, a drama-documentary that tells the extraordinary story of Perween Rahman, a woman who sacrificed everything to provide Karachi's poorest communities with clean, safe water.

The Foundation hosts 6 sessions at World Water Week

Together with a number of partners and Grundfos SafeWater, the Grundfos Foundation hosts a series of interesting sessions at the 2021 World Water Week. The global event takes place online in late August and registration to attend sessions is free of charge.

Fighting educational poverty in Milan Province during the pandemic

The project ”Next to children” reduces educational poverty caused by the COVID-19 emergency through collaboration between schools in the province of Milan and the Volunteer Organization Aleimar.

Equitable educational response

The ACE radio school initiative was created to bridge the educational gap in Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to support from the Grundfos Foundation and Grundfos in Subsaharan Africa, the program continues to reach out to out-of-school children through a radio show aimed at nursery, primary and secondary school children.