06. May. 2020
Three projects in India and one in the Philippines have received funding via the Foundation's new Community Engagement Grant. In both countries, vulnerable population groups are at risk because of various lockdown measures.

Philippines: DKK 286,000 (~PHP 2 million) for 8 SOS Childrens’ Villages

The SOS Childrens’ Villages in the Philippines are the homes of 957 children who would otherwise be on the streets as they have no family or home. Because of the corona-lockdown, the organisation struggles to provide food and supplies for the children and staff.

The Foundation’s donation will help keep children and staff healthy in SOS Childrens’ Villages in 8 locations across the country by covering food, cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment for one month.

India: DKK 295,000 for the NGO Hand in Hand India (2 projects)

Hand in Hand India has been working with Grundfos India since in health and water conservation projects in the Kancheepuram and Chengalpattu districts.

  • The first grant (DKK 188,000) helps ‘Green Friends’, a group of 1350 sanitation workers from highly underprivileged backgrounds, who collect household wastes from peri-urban localities in Chennai and Rameswaram (both declared as Red Zones for COVID-19) in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. To support them in this crisis, the grant is providing safety gear that will protect them from any COVID-19 contaminated waste they might be cleaning.
  • The second grant (DKK 107,000) will support health service front line workers and police with essential personal protective equipment and other safety gear to protect them from infection. Given the shortage of these safety equipment – it is even more necessary to ensure the receive a good supply to protect the medical staff that tend to the patients and the police officers who are deployed to protect the supply lines and keeping public order during the pandemic.

In Tamil Nadu, Green Friends clean the roads, sanitize areas with disinfectants and to conduct door-to-door waste collection every morning. Photo: Hand in Hand India

India: DKK 11,500 for NalandaWay Foundation

PUPS, Karapakkam School, Chennai is a school that Grundfos India has been associated with for the last two years. Due to the lockdown, the parents are out of jobs and are struggling to source essential commodities needed for preparing two meals a day at home.

The team from NalandaWay Foundation will deliver dry ration and grocery kits to the families of children at the school. The kits we will provide would see them through for a month.