15. Jun. 2020
The Foundation has granted 2.4m DKK (USD 350,000) to support World Vision's Global Health Emergency Response activities in Ghana and Niger.

World Vision’s global COVID-19 emergency response aims to provide targeted support to reach at least 72 million people globally, focusing on situations of pre-existing vulnerability and fragility, where children are most at risk – conflict affected contexts, urban slums and refugee settings.

Water and sanitation services for 14,000 people

Access to clean water is essential to hygiene, and handwashing is critical to stopping the spread of the virus.

  • In Ghana, funds will help improve access to sustainable safe water for drinking, handwashing, and other healthcare, domestic and livelihood activities and provide permanent hand washing facilities in numerous locations in schools to ensure regular hand washing. Water and Sanitation Management Teams will be trained to efficiently operate and manage these facilities in Sekyere East.
    • In Akuakrom, the projects will benefit 1,912 community members and 431 school children in 2 schools.
    • In Nkwankwanua, the project will reach 3,384 people and 529 school children with increased access to safe water and improved hygiene facilities.
  • In Niger, the funds will support construction of hand washing stations with soap and provide water for health care facilities. There is a strong need to ensure hand washing in communities, healthcare facilities and other public areas. Distribution of  jerry cans and soaps will support the household water storage and regular hand washing practice of the communities.
    • The project plans to ensure access to water and hygiene services to more than 8,000 inhabitants of Torodi and Makalondi Communes.

About World Vision

World Vision is a global NGO with 37,000+ staff in nearly 100 countries. It operates in 26 countries across the African continent.