09. Jul. 2020
Across the globe, health systems are in urgent need of personal protective equipment. Shortages and soaring prices of crucial items such as masks and aprons – make it difficult to allow essential medical services to stay open. The Grundfos Foundation is therefore donating 30,000 face shields to Doctors without Borders.
The Grundfos Foundation is donating 30,000 face shields to Doctors without Borders, designed, 3D printed, assembled, packaged and shipped by dedicated Grundfos employees. The first shipment with around 22,000 pieces should arrive in Bordeaux by Wednesday afternoon 15 July. From there, they will be redistributed to where they are most needed.

 30,000 face shields for Doctors without Borders (MSF) from Grundfos Foundation on Vimeo.

Without protective equipment for their staff, hospitals and clinics could become a source of contamination. Several health centers therefore reject patients with respiratory problems. Some even close down completely to protect the staff and avoid the spread of the virus.
Doctors without Borders fear that the lack of COVID-19 protection leads to even more disease, and in worst case, more deaths, because of all the other diseases that we fail to treat.
"During the pandemic, children will still need vaccine programs, and people will still need treatment for diseases like HIV and Tuberculosis."