27. Mar. 2020
The Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensen Foundation) donates 12.25m DKK to various emergency initiatives to limit the damages of the COVID-19 pandemic. More donations are in the pipeline.

EMERGENCY RELIEF: The Foundation is sending emergency relief funding to the ICRC (5m DKK), UNICEF (5m DKK) and Danish Red Cross (1.5m DKK). Additionally, the Foundation is sponsoring wastewater treatment units (750,000 DKK) in two hospitals in Hubei Province, China.

10m DKK for international COVID-19 relief

The majority of the funds will be used in the fight against spread of the coronavirus in developing countries where public health is in a much more vulnerable situation than here in Europe.

"We must not forget the terrible consequences we will be seeing globally - especially in developing countries, such as the African continent. It will affect us all."
Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Executive Director

UNICEF provides health services and prevents spread of the virus. Establishing WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) facilities and providing awareness-raising activities (hand-washing, social distancing, behavioural changes) are key to stopping the spread of the virus and fight stigmatisation.

UNICEF also collaborates with authorities and other partners to track and respond to misinformation and supports national actions to fight COVID-19 through provision of supplies for the publich health systems in need and for future re-opening of schools and education institutions..

Handwashing is an important weapon against the spread of COVID-19. Photo: UNICEF/UNI313259/Matas

The ICRC delivers vital WASH and health services in conflict zones, refugee camps and other places unreachable for national and local authorities. ICRC has long and recognised experience working in conflict zones and other difficult circumstances.

In war-torn countries, COVID-19 represents a dramatic threat to life. Health systems have already been ravaged by violence, and the threat of further strain on health care from the coronavirus is an enormous risk for communities.

1,5m DKK to prevent social isolation in Denmark

Danish Red Cross helps isolated or quarantined people and families with day-to-day practical chores, such as grocery shopping, walking the dog, picking up medicine etc. They are also establishing a digital service to replace the many social activities that are affected by the COVID-19 lockdown in Denmark.

Water Treatment units for Chinese hospitals

Finally, the Foundation has committed 750,000 DKK towards disinfection and medical waste water treatment in Xiantao Municipal No.1 People’s Hospital and Jingmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital  to support the Hubei Province’s path towards recovering after the COVID-19 outbreak. The money has been transferred to Xiantao Charity Federation (500,000 DKK) and Jingmen Red Cross (250,000 DKK).

COVID-19 response

The grants above are the first in a series of COVID-19 related donations from the Grundfos Foundation. Find out more.