17. Apr. 2020
The Foundation has created a Community Engagement Grant (20m DKK) to help the companies of the Grundfos Group reach out locally.

The newly established Poul Due Jensen Community Engagement Grant will support the Grundfos companies in their engagement and collaboration with local NGOs, institutions, and authorities about activities and initiatives that benefit  local communities wherever in the world Grundfos operates.

"The main idea behind the grant is to support Grundfos companies exercising social responsibility in collaboration with local partners. Right now, however, we recognise that COVID-19 response is the most pressing topic everywhere."
Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Executive Director

The Grant can only be accessed via Grundfos companies that apply for funding on behalf of their local partner: an NGO or other organisation.

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South Africa: Grundfos has been working with the local NGO Save Our Schools (SOS) to provide drinking water in the Bloekombos Settlement. The Community Grant will help create handwashing stations to improve hygiene at the tap stations. Photo: SOS

Examples of actions covered by the Grant