10. Aug. 2020
UN and UNICEF Denmark release emergency funds targeted for children in Beirut with support from the Grundfos Foundation.

100,000 Lebanese children have been driven away from their homes and their families and are in urgent need of help and support. UNICEF Denmark therefore releases funds from the emergency fund E365 to save lives.

"When a disaster of this magnitude strikes, we must act swiftly. Our emergency fund was established exactly for this purpose, and we are already working on the ground in Beirut caring for children who have lost their home, their parents - the fundamentals of their lives. I visited Beirut a couple of years ago, and I am deeply affected by the devastation which the inhabitants are now facing."
Karen Hækkerup, Secretary General, UNICEF Denmark

The explosions at the harbour of Beirut on Tuesday 4 August killed at least 140 people and further 5,000 have been wounded. The search for missing survivors is ongoing in the debris. UNICEF is currently helping the many children traumatised by the catastrophe.

The activities are funded by the disaster fund, E365, partly coming from the Grundfos Foundation:

”This is exactly why we have decided to support the fund. Relief organisations must be able to move swiftly and efficiently, and I hope that as many children as possible get the help they need,” says Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Executive Director, Grundfos Foundation.

Over the last 24 hours, UNICEF has been coordinating relief activities between relief partners and the Lebanese authorities. ”Our biggest focus points are health, drinking water, and of course the well-being of the children, says Karen Hækkerup.

Photo credits: Anwar Amro, AFP

UNICEF E365 emergency fund

The Foundation supports the emergency fund with DKK 1.1 million annually.