09. May. 2019
6 May 2019 marked the official opening of the new Centre for Digital Twins at Aarhus University's Department of Engineering. Centre lead, Professor Peter Gorm Larsen, presented his dream team that will make up the core of the Centre. The team will make it their mission to bring Digital Twins from hype to reality and explore the possibilities and limits of the concept.

Digital Twins are currently at the very top of the technology hype curve, and in order to turn the concept into tangible, useful technology, it takes persistent research leadership, inspiring research efforts globally. This is exactly what is the hope for Aarhus University’s new Digital Twin Centre, it transpired from the opening speeches at the Department of Engineering in Aarhus. The complexity of the topic is quite impressive, as you will be able to see in the video below.

AU Digital Twin Centre – opening highlights from Poul Due Jensen Foundation on Vimeo.

Dream team

With a grant from the Foundation and additional funding from other sources, Professor Peter Gorm Larsen is gathering a dream team for the Digital Twin Center: Professor of Software Engineering Jim Woodcock (University of York) will join the Centre in a part-time role. Senior Software Developer Kenneth Lausdahl is a former Postdoc with Peter Gorm Larsen, currently working at Mjølner Informatics, who will also join the team in a part-time role. PhD researcher Claudio Gomes (Antwerp University) and PhD-student Casper Thule (Aarhus University) have been working closely together lately and the duo will be the full-time drivers of the research project. Finally, software developer Nick Battle will also be added to the team.

Digital Twins dream team. From left: Peter Gorm Larsen, Casper Thule, Kenneth Lausdahl, Claudio Gomes, Jim Woodcock. Photo: PDJF

After the lectures, guests were able to explore a number of test projects in the lobby.

Guests were able to explore various experimental setups after the lectures. Photo: PDJF


Executive Director Kim Nøhr Skibsted at the Digital Twins exhibition. Photo: PDJF


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