16. Jun. 2021
The Grundfos Foundation has approved five new local projects, allowing Grundfos companies to reach out in their local community.

China: Safe drinking water supply for residents in rural areas

Xishui is a county-level city, about 2 hours car-driving from Wuhan City in Hubei Province. To echo the Poverty Alleviation policy, Grundfos China donated two water supply systems in 2020, providing 1272 residents with access to clean water. In collaboration with local government and authorized dealer, Xishui County Red Cross, Grundfos staff will install and commission additional infrastructure, including pipelines, power supply are ready.

  • Xishui County Red Cross receives EUR 50,079 for this project, benefitting the people of Xishui

Grundfos China engages in Hubei Province. Grundfos China engages in Xishui county of Hubei Province.

China: Shower room with hot water for elderly people in Yidu

Yidu City is a remote city in Hubei Province. Due to its limited development, young people are leaving to pursue better lives in bigger cities, while their elderly relatives are left behind with limited resources of daily care. In collaboration with Yidu Municipal Red Cross, the local government and the nursing facility, Grundfos staff will install stable water supply equipment, upgrade the  showering room and install assistive devices.

  • Yidu Municipal Red Cross receives EUR 50,353 for this project, benefitting 2-300 people in Yidu

China (Hong Kong): Water access and awareness project

China faces acute water scarcity – with per capita water resources only one-fourth of the global average. As an extension of Grundfos’  global partnership with World Vision, Grundfos’ Hong Kong branch will work with World Vision China on a WASH project to support water accessibility in rural parts of China by upgrading water infrastructure, providing education and knowledge on sanitary water usage and hosting public-facing event raising people’s awareness on water conservation.

  • World Vision receives EUR 35,000 for this project, benefitting 500 people

Ghana: Food and sanitation, COVID-19 relief to Old Fadama residents

Old Fadama residents’ vulnerability has been increased due to COVID-19. Give Back Ghana aims to to improve the residents’ quality of life by providing weekly food & sanitation boxes.  The donation will provide 4,000 essential food & sanitation boxes to the residents of Old Fadama during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping 20,000 people for a week.

  • Give Back Ghana receives EUR 42,206 for this project, benefitting 20,000 people in Old Fadama
Give Back Ghana food parcels

Give Back Ghana food parcels. Photo: Give Back Ghana

Denmark: The Frog – Red Cross Summer camp

Camp Frog’s biggest goal is to provide 65 vulnerable children with holiday memories they will never forget. Many of these children experience time and time again coming back to school after the summer holiday feeling left out when classmates can share their holiday experiences. At the same time, the Frog’s volunteer adults give the children a lot of much-needed care and act as good role models that the children can look up to and reflect on.

  • Danish Red Cross Youth receives EUR 5,369 for this project, benefitting 65 children from vulnerable families
Ungdommens Røde Kors arrangerer sommerlejr for udsatte børn

Summer camp for children of vulnerable families. Photo: Danish Red Cross Youth

Community Engagement Grant

The Grundfos Foundation supports outreach projects engaging Grundfos companies and employees locally.