03. Feb. 2021
With a Poul Due Jensen Community Engagement Grant, Grundfos Argentina and Agua Segura were able to give access to safe water to 70 community centres Escobar, Pilar and Tigre (Buenos Aires) and have a direct impact on 16.229 people.

The Grundfos Foundation and Grundfos Argentina worked together with Proyecto Agua Segura B-Corp to bring safe water and hygiene workshops to communities centers in Escobar, Pilar and Tigre (Buenos Aires). Also part of the project were Techo and Plato Lleno (NGOs) and Escobar Municipality.

Drinking water and hygiene training in Argentina from Grundfos Foundation | PDJF on Vimeo.

The objective of this community engagement project was to implement technology for access to safe water and deliver hygiene workshops (online) to the community leaders for 3 consecutive weeks, one workshop per week.

The workshops were delivered via WhatsApp video calls with each community leader.

– Grundfos Argentina employees were trained to develop online workshops to the community leaders, always in the company of Agua Segura team. They were able to give more than 230 workshops during the 3 months, explains Brenda Diaz Collins, Deployment Specialist, Grundfos Argentina.

The topics developed were personal and domestic hygiene habits as prevention measures against diseases such as COVID-19, parasitosis or diarrhea; safe water usage and the importance of hydration; COVID-19 and Dengue prevention and symptoms.

One of the participating Grundfos employees was Sales Consultant Elena Arce:

– It’s beautiful doing this in a pandemic, because it is not easy. You are so moved: You can prevent diseases by ensuring safe water access, she says.

Through this project, we reached out to more than 16,000 people in 70 community centres.

A group of people wearing masks

Grundfos employees participating in the Agua Segura project. Photo: Grundfos Argentina