19. Nov. 2023
2023 World Toilet Day: Around the globe, 3.5 billion people lack access to safe toilet facilities. Bad hygiene is a killer, and it can only be fought with better sanitation and hygiene.

According to the UN, 1,000 children die every day from water-borne diseases, because drinking water is polluted with sewage from bad toilets and because they do not have eaccess to clean water and soap.

It is the world’s most vulnerable people who bear the consequenses. Some of these people come from South Sudan and live in refugee camps in the Gambella Region in Ethiopia.

Young lady in front of washing station in Gambella refugee Camp, Ethiopa.

This young lady living in Gambella refugee Camp, Ethiopa, now has access to safe water and sanitation. Photo: Plan International.

Together with Plan International and other good partners, we have initiated Project SunWASH, and so far acheved the following:

  • Provided access to clean drinking water for 40,000 people through solar pumping soutions.
  • Brought in-house taps to schools and health clinics, allowing school children and staff to keep a good hand hygiene.
  • Built cement latrines with hand-washing facilities.
  • Taught children and their families about good hand hygiene and how to avoid spreading disease.
  • Girls and women have access to gender separated toilets, providing a safe space for managing their menstrual hygiene.
"Proper sanitation and hygiene saves lives."
SUNWASH is a partnership between many organisations.

SUNWASH is a partnership between many organisations. Photo: Plan Ethiopia.