Innovationspris – vindere
Innovationsprisen gives til en eller flere Grundfos-medarbejdere, der i årets løb har ydet en helt særlig idérig og innovativ indsats inden for teknisk innovation, forretningsudvikling, procesudvikling eller bæredygtighed.

Innovation er overalt!

Finalisterne i 2019 repræsenterer tre foskellige tilgange til innovation: Sustainability, Business Development og Technology Development. Første- anden- og tredjepladsen blev afsløret ved Grundfospris-uddelingen 3. oktober 2019.

  1. A.I. Control of mixing loops
  2. Grundfos GO Garantie
  3. Chinese mayors’ training program

Juryens motivering for de tre finaleprojekter:

Technology Innovation: A.I. control of mixing loops (1st place)

By utilizing artificial intelligence (A.I.), a large sensor pool and data from building information systems, the A.I. control both maintains user comfort and reduces the overall energy consumption of the building.

From left: Jens Moberg, Chairman of Grundfos, Carsten S. Kallesøe, Anders Overgaard, Brian Kongsgaard Nielsen, and Niels Due Jensen

In particular, the Jury noticed that the project test setup has already demonstrated possible energy savings of more than 20% without compromising user comfort and work environment performance.

The solution is an important step towards digitalization of products and services.

Finalists: Anders Overgaard, Brian Kongsgaard Nielsen and Carsten Skovmose Kallesøe (all GMA)

Business Development Innovation: Grundfos GO Garantie (2nd place)

This simple, yet brilliant business development initiative lets the installer activate a 5-year extended warranty through the use of an existing tool, the Grundfos GO app.

From left: Jens Moberg, Chairman of Grundfos, Philipp Schmid, and Niels Due Jensen

The new approach has several very important benefits, such as:

• Building trust and partnerships with installers and creating a relationship with the end user,
• Minimizing the risk of flawed installations and subsequent warranty disputes,
• Supporting digitalization and improved service offerings in Grundfos.

Finalist: Philipp Schmid (GPS)


Sustainability Innovation: Chinese Mayors Training (3rd place)

Through a formal programme developed in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the training showcases green solutions and technologies for smart city development.

From left: Jens Moberg, Chairman of Grundfos, Dorte Maach, Frank Zhang, and Niels Due Jensen

The program directly supports Grundfos’ ambition to help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 13. The Jury especially emphasized the programme’s contribution to improving sustainability in China’s rapidly growing medium and large cities as their mayors become aware of the benefits.

Finalists: Dorte Maach (GMA) and Frank Zhang (GCH)