Monitoring and review of COVID-19 research
An international research group, led by the Copenhagen Trial Unit at Copenhagen University Hospital, will monitor and evaluate medical research publications regarding coronavirus to identify the most effective treatment methods.

Hundreds of randomised clinical trials are currently performed worldwide, testing the effects of various treatments for COVID-19. It is, however, very unlikely that one clinical trial is enough to determine whether the treatment is effective or not. Thus, the results need to be compared in a meta-analysis.

“We need to monitor, collect and compare the results at the highest level to determine what we know, and how well we know it,” explains Dr. Med. Janus Christian Jakobsen, Copenhagen Trial Unit, Copenhagen University Hospital.

The research project will create a ’living meta-analysis’ which continuously monitors available research publications as they become available. The goal is to create an international basis for evidence-based guidelines to COVID-19 treatment.

A systematic and on-going review

The research team keeps record of their publications via a dedicated website: COVID LIVING Treatments – A living systematic review of treatments for COVID-19.


Copenhagen Trial Unit
The Copenhagen Trial Unit (CTU) collaborates with academy and industry to constantly improve the methods of randomised clinical trials.

Research and Learning

Besides our usual support for research and learning within science and technology, he Foundation has supported several COVID-19 related research projects in 2020.