1.8m DKK for test production of emercency respirators
The Grundfos Foundation has funded production of the first 30 to 40 emergency ventilators designed by Prof. Stephen Rees at Aalborg University. The ventilator can be produced from non-critical components and aims to help health care providers to save more lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world’s refugee camps and other vulnerable communities are facing a regular health disaster.  Prof. Stephen Rees has been researching in mechanical ventilation for  20 years and is internationally recognised within his field. The COVID-19 outbreak led him to start working on an old design for en emergency ventilator which may be assembled by simple components for 10 % of the price of a normal hospital ventilator.

The design is widely available as open source that everyone can access. All necessary medical advice and authorizations will be sought in the process.

Professor Stephen Edward Rees, Aalborg University, with the emergency ventilator. Photo: Lars Horn/Baghuset.

The prototype was ready just before Easter and Aalborg University and Flairmo are now building 30-40 ventilators, financed by the Foundation.

"We want to move from prototype to production. The project will make the emergency ventilator ready for production and make sure the necessary authorizations are done. Afterwards, 40 ventilators will be ready for use."
Professor Stephen Rees, AAU

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