Poul Due Jensen
Grundfos employees with extraordinary dreams have a chance to win a Scholarship for studies or learning activities that go beyond the limits of a regular employee development plan.

Each year, up to five Scholarship winners can benefit from a Poul Due Jensen Scholarship within a financial framework of 30,000 € (i.e. an average size of 6,000 € per grant, but they can be smaller or bigger). You can apply on your own or in a group

"The jury will be looking for passionate employees with a burning commitment to release their own natural abilities and potential via education, training or international activities. "

Normally, the Scholarship cannot be awarded for:

  • Educational activities offered within Grundfos, such as PDJA courses
  • MBAs or other executive training programmes

Scholarship Winners
How are the winners selected?

The nominations are scored by the Foundation Secretariat and the jury meets in June to select up to five winners:

  • Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, Board Member, Poul Due Jensen Foundation
  • Humphrey Lau, Regional Managing Director, WEREG, Grundfos
  • Jesper Gabriel, HR Director, Group Production, Grundfos
  • Teija Elena Saari, Senior HR Director/HR BP for CBDO, Grundfos
  • Anupam Bhargava, Group VP, Industry

All applicants will be notified in July whether or not they are among the winners.

The Scholarship is awarded at the Grundfos Prize Ceremony.

The first Scholarships were awarded by the Foundation in 2013.