Poul Due Jensen
Innovation Award
Are you a Grundfos employee? And do you have a great idea or an amazing project, which deserves to be noticed? Or do you have a colleague who has done something truly inventive? Then you can apply or nominate someone for the Poul Due Jensen Innovation Award.

As of 2020, the Innovation Award will be awarded as three parallel awards:

  • Innovation Award – Sustainability (10,000 EUR)
  • Innovation Award – Business Development (10,000 EUR)
  • Innovation Award – Technology (10,000 EUR)

This means there will no longer be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

Innovation Award Winners

How are the winners selected?

The applications and nominations are scored according to the following criteria:

  • Is the idea/innovation NEW to Grundfos?
  • Does the innovation distinguish itself beyond and above the known or applied?
  • Will the innovation open new doors for Grundfos?
  • Does the innovation solve real challenges for Grundfos?

What happens to the application

Before the jury meeting, the following persons screen the applications:

  • The Foundation’s Programme Managers for Water and Research
  • Janda Campos, Director, Sustainability Engagement, Grundfos
  • Peter Elvekær, Chief Technology Specialist, Grundfos
  • Thomas Lund, Dansk Teknologi

The jury will meet in June/July and consider the top three within each category in order to select one winner per category:

  • Jens Moberg, Chairman, Grundfos Holding A/S
  • Fredrik Östbye, Vice President, Digital Transformation, Grundfos
  • Ulrik Gernow, Group Executive Vice President, CMO, Grundfos
  • Markus Brandstetter, Global Technology & Development, CTO, Grundfos

All applicants will be notified in July/August whether or not they are among the winners.

The Innovation Awards will be awarded at the Grundfos Prize Ceremony.

The first Innovation Award was awarded by the Foundation in 2013.