Nils Thorup
Nils Thorup is responsible for project development and follow-up within the Foundation’s global engagement to provide access to drinking water and sanitation for the world’s poorest.

Nils Thorup, Head of Programme, Water and Sustainable Development

Special competencies
  • Water technologies
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
Curriculum Vitae
2017- Head of programme, Water and Sustainable Development, Poul Due Jensen Foundation
2013-2016 Chief Technical Adviser, Grundfos R&T
2012-2013 Chief Technical Adviser, Grundfos Innovation Platform on commercial buildings
2011 Investment Assessor , Grundfos Water Technology Center, Fresno, CA, USA (project posting)
2008-2012 Chief Technical Adviser in Grundfos New Business (corporate venture)
2008-2008 Technical Manager, Grundfos New Business
2002-2006 Head of Research Department and Materials Laboratory, Grundfos R & T
1998-2002 Senior engineer with environmental focus at Grundfos Research Department
1994-1998 Development Engineer, Grundfos Research Department
Education and training
2017 Prince 2 Project Management
2013 MBA in a day
2011 Driving Strategic Innovation, MIT, USA
2009 Strategic Coach, Radical Innovation Group
2008 Nordic Growth Management Program, SIMI (København), KTH (Stockholm), TKK (Helsinki)
2008 The DIA-model for radical business development, Radical Innovation Group
2007 Crossing the Chasm, Chasm Institute
2003 Examined Mediator, Dansk Mediationscenter
2002-2004 Grundfos internal leadership program
1997 Certified EFQM assessor
1996 Internal environmental auditor
1995 Internal quality auditor
1994 MSc in Chemistry and Economy, University of Southern Denmark
Positions of trust
2019- Board member in Weptos
2013-2015 Member of ”sounding board” of the Danish Business Authority (Den grønne omstillingsfond)
2010-2015 Board member, Aqua Dania A/S
2008-2012 Board Member, Grundfos LifeLink A/S
2008-2010 Member of Advisory Board, Institute for Basic Science and Environment, University of Copenhagen
2005-2008 Grundfos representative, Dansk vandpartnerskab
2005-2009 Grundfos representative,  IAFP
2005-2007 Member of Advisory Board, Institute of Chemistry, DTU
2000-2002 Member of Europump working group on Energy Classification of Circulating Pumps
2000-2002 Board member, EuroAce
1999-2002 Grundfos reprensentative, EuroAce
1998-2001 Member of Europump working group on Life Cycle Cost
1996-2000 Member of EUROENVIRONMENT Conference Committee
Year of birth